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Thread: Forrst: The Social site for Geeks, Designers and Developers

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    Default Forrst: The Social site for Geeks, Designers and Developers

    I came across a article last night about a social website like Facebook......... An invitation only site, where you have to show your work to prove your a designer or developer, to get invited. The plsu side to this is, well, everything. Anyone that knows me knows I am not a fan of websites like Facebook, Myspace........... You get some of the most retarded, yes I said retarded, invites to games............... designed to **** the life out of you for nothing other than useless (money). Ok enough of that, I could go on for days on how evil these social sites are, rofl.

    If you are a Designer or Developer, head over and request an invite.

    Forrst ~ A place for designers and developers to share screenshots, links, code, and questions with their peers.

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    wooh nice let me check this been busy for a while and lost touch from coding

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