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Thread: Stupid - I can't post URLs!

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    Default Stupid - I can't post URLs!

    The feedback section won't let me post, so I'm trying here. If it's off-topic, I make no apologies.

    I was just posting a help reply to a member. The help required the inclusion of a URL to the driver page on HP support, something which I do without any fuss every day on other help forums. But WCF wouldn't let me post a URL - "You do not have permission to include any URLs".

    Well what help can I possibly be to anyone if I can't post URLs? Most of the cries for help concern missing drivers and where to get them. This is just plain stupid and I'm out of here - for good.

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    Sorry, pip22. The Admins had to put a short restriction in place for new members until they reach a minimum number of posts because of spammers. I believe you're almost there (the minimum post count leaves me at the moment). If you'll post a partial URL, your post to HP can be edited to be clickable.

    Edit Note: See HappyAndyK's explanation post here.
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    Its not stupid!

    Au contraire, its a smart move !

    Saves us a lot of grief!

    Prevents spammers, new members and fly-by-nights from just coming here and dumping their urls.

    If you really want to help someone this shouldn't stop you!

    Post the urls without the http / www !

    As I see from your post count, you should be able to post them soon.

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