It’s live television on your mobile phone and desktop! Packed with information, entertainment and action, it’s fun unlimited! With mundu TV you’re in tune with the latest. Watch your stocks grow or be glued to your favorite serial or stay informed with the latest around the globe. Your world of news and entertainment is just a click away!

You can watch all the channels supported by mundu TV anywhere, 247. Simply download the application on your Internet-enabled (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WiBro, LAN and Broadband) mobile/desktop.

mundu TV can be downloaded on your mobile phone irrespective of the service provider you’ve chosen. Switching channels or controlling volume are such easy tasks. You got to take that call or run an errand? Do it. Pause live TV. Finish your unfinished business and mundu TV will start from where you left.

What worth noticing is. its just a beta version and yet so successful. Mundu TV will officially launch later this month and is likely to come in two packages – you can either pay Rs. 49 per month for any four channels or pay Rs. 120 to get access to all TV channels.

via beingpc