Hi folks,
I've been long gone from pretty much a lot of these tech forums, busy in my own projects but I need your help again...

My college has finally agreed to host a Seminar on Microsoft technologies (it wasn't easy convincing, trust me) on 26th this month BUT unfortunately there is a scheduled meeting of the Delhi Zone MSP/MVP on the same day!

The problem here is that we can NOT, in any possible way push the dates for the seminar and this is where I need your help.

If you are an MSP/MVP or know any MSP/MVP in or near about Delhi/NCR and not attending the meeting on 26th, please let me know 'cause I would seriously and totally want you to conduct the seminar in our college.

You can do the seminar on any MS technology you're comfortable with.

Just drop me a PM or an email (abhi.dwivedi[at]hotmail.com) or post here. I really need your help to get this thing done...thanks in advance...


PS I posted a similar thread in TDF, please don't take this as a spam
PPS if you have conducted seminars before and are interested in doing another one, feel free to contact me