Hey guys and gals. I would like to officially start programming for the PSP.

I'm 22. I live in Idaho. I play EVE Online. I've started a few gaming communities. I like Bawls and AMP. Thats all I will say as I don't want any little karate Sony Secret Service (SSS) to come by and yamoto-chop my nuts.

I have developed many websites in php with database backends. I have a fair amount of knowledge with VisualBasic. I'm very big on design and functionality and strive to make easy and fun to use interfaces. I also have system administration and network administration experience; I have a domain set up at home with roaming profiles just for funsies.

I've been a strong follower of the PSP homebrew community. While there are a lot of great applications out there, and a lot of promising ones, I still have great ideas as there are many things that the PSP can't do because of lack of time. I have friends that know how to make circuit boards and can work with plastic. Hopefully after some time we can really get a battery powered usb keyboard as maybe a future plan. The IR Keyboard is very cool and works great, but not as practical as some would hope it to be.

I feel that one of my first projects will be to get pandora radio to the PSP. Wether it's a flash application or a bottom up program, it will be great to get Pandora mobile on the PSP if Pandora itself doesn't beat me to the punch.

I'm running linux mint in hopes that I can bypass the linux for windows stuff. I've went out and gotten the book "Hacking the PSP" and I'm going to see if I can get in contact with any current PSP devs to get some insight on the quarks of the PSP. *cough* PSP WifiSniffing.

Wish me luck! If my wife lets me I will be pursuing the PSP Development diligently.

On a different note, got any tips on how to pacify the wife?