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Thread: The new design of Gizmodo and Lifehacker causes Traffic Collapse

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    Default The new design of Gizmodo and Lifehacker causes Traffic Collapse

    Gawker founder Nick Denton is seeing this traffic decrease as transition time when visitors are getting used to the new design, but it seems that they are not comfortable with this new design at all.

    The other day former Gawker editor Gabriel Snyder said he was “on the record that I think the redesigns will fail.

    Full read: What’s wrong with Gawker’s redesign

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    i have blog as
    i have also face such problem...
    but now i have recovered....

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    I think it's a mistake that LifeHacker decided to change their layout there a lot of competition now a days. Users are very picky so even a slightest change can result in a huge dip down in traffic. They will head to some other sites. Even if people say they like new changes most of them don't. They hate to learn the new stuff. It will take time for users to get back to that site until they get used to it.

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