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Thread: 2012: Earth's Equator after 40 degree Pole Shift

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    Exclamation 2012: Earth's Equator after 40 degree Pole Shift

    Interesting video!

    This video illustrates approximately where the new equator will be located after Earth's pole shift in 2012. This is based on data which indicates the pole shift could be as much as 40 degrees, placing the new North Pole in upper Mongolia. The white icon in the middle of the video marks the line of the new equator.

    More such at

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    Find out how to determine if your survival or sustainable location is safe for 2012. Read about the considerations from fire, water, elevation, volcanoes, people, and much more.
    The only thing I can't find on their site is where to donate money to the manned Mars mission, so that I'll have somewhere to live in the future. xd

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