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Thread: How do I get Windows Media Player to do this?

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    Default How do I get Windows Media Player to do this?

    Windows 7, presumably the latest version of Windows Media Player.

    Part of the list that shows band name, album name and song name is cut off at the right. That would not be a problem if WMP would let me move that line separating the list from the rest of the window farther to the left, but it won't. Is there a way to get WMP to let me move that line farther to the left?

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    A) uninstall windows media player, restart the PC and perform a little Hard Drive "hygiene"
    --look at disk space (how much free and is it at least 15% of the total amount of space on the HD)
    if it is not you may have a corrupt swap space, and increasingly unstable operating system behavior - CLEAN HOUSE
    --Run Deframent's "Analyze" function and look at the report. There is an entry in the top half of the results screen called "File Fragmentation" anything over 10% and it is time to defrag (that number is generally as much as 5 point lower than reality - I call it Microsoft Math)

    B) Download a fresh copy of Windows Media Player, install it

    C) Is the DVD player internal to the main CPU of the PC? Go to the Device Manager and yank the device out out device manager - Or use device manager to determine the maker of the drive and download an updated driver if one is vailable - install it - and <<guess what comes next???>> and reboot again.
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