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Thread: Where Is The...

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    Default Where Is The...

    Windows Mobile forum/category???

    It breaks my bleeding heart as much of a legacy WM has made, that this b.s. now called Windows Phone has overcast it and made everything great about WinMo go under the rug. They were one of the biggest innovators of Smartphone/PocketPC/PDA Technology that helped it get as big as it did.

    Yes I am a WinMo Fan, I also can't stand WP, nope I've never touched WP, never will want to until we/they get rid of those ugly assed Tiles, it's just as bad as iPhone/iOS now with the customization to a homescreen. How bland and boring.

    I am curious about WP, but wont pick it up until it is way way far away from it's infancy!

    So I was just wondering, where oh where is the Windows Mobile area on a place called The Windows Club, cause believe me WinMo is still alive and kicking, or well maybe now it's technically a Zombie, but it most certainly is still being used by a large number of people/zombie-terminology it's still going around and infecting people as much as it ever was.

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    I was a fan of Windows Mobile myself, and still own a Dell Axim X50v with WM6.5 on it. However, it was a desktop OS on a touchscreen device. Windows Phone 7 made the whole thing a touch screen OS/device. It's a very nice platform. That said, there are a few things I miss about the older WM devices.

    WP7's tiles are very different, but once you get used to them, they are amazing little ****ers. Once you get past the huge difference hurdle, it's a great OS.

    Now, for nostalgia sake, I have to break out the ol' Axim!

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