Sony has decided to launch the SmartWatch in India. Sony India has confirmed this on their Facebook page that the SmartWatch will be launch in India by the end of June for an asking price of Rs. 6,299. It syncs with your Android phone and lets you to read SMS, email, calendar reminders as well as social networking updates from Twitter and Facebook.

It is even possible to reject and mute calls and receive one through Bluetooth headset. SmartWatch is compatible with other Android phones as well, so there is no need to buy the Sony’s branded Android smartphones. Syncing can be done over Bluetooth 3.0. Since the phone is also based on Android, it should be possible to port other apps as well.

The Sony SmartWatch features an easy-to-use, ultra-responsive touch display. You can even find your way around SmartWatch & it is super simple. If you want to do more with your SmartWatch then you can download compatible applications from Google Play and also you can customize it as per your need. You can customize your SmartWatch with your own 20mm wristband. You can wear it using the stylish wristband included. You can even use it as a clip. This ultra-thin Android remote was designed to impress.

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Price : Rs. 6299.
Availability in India : By the end of June 2012.