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Thread: What Happens To Your Online Accounts & Assets After You Are Dead?

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    Post What Happens To Your Online Accounts & Assets After You Are Dead?

    Not many of us may have given a though to what might happen to all our online accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc accounts.

    If you have an online business, and e-commerce site or even a good earning blog - with a paying AdSense account - what will happen to all this when you die?

    Unless you have made certain provisions, a separate Will of your digital assets, your spouse, kids may have a tough time.

    Read this article of The Geeks Club on Online Digital Assets Management: What Happens After Your Death? to find out what you can do to secure your online digital assets and accounts.

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    Good to know. Good information. I did see a tweet the other day that mentioned an article of what to do when someone falsely reports you as dead to Facebook and how to get your account back and straightened out.

    I didn't think anything about what happens to your online stuff when you die. There is definitely a lot more to it than I thought.


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    Great information ...

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