There are 11 million broad band users in India. 100 million internet users! 40 million access it from their work place, 20 million from home and 30 million access it from Cyber Cafe's. After China with 600 million internet users and USA with 350 million users, India stands third!

While the total ad industry spend in India is INR 25 thousand crores, the online ad industry gets only around 1000 crores. In 2015 the spend on online advertising is expected to cross 5000 crores. Globally, the online ad spend is $90 million

65% of the Indian internet users is between 24 and 44 with around 75% being male.

As far as media consumption hours of an average person goes:
  • 23% is spent watching TV
  • 26% reading print media
  • 21% listening to Radio and
  • 30% browsing the internet.

The mobile internet usage in India stands at 40 million; with 30 million app downloads a week.

India is in the early stages of e-commerce ecosystem, what is called ROPOF or Research Online, Purchase Offline. But soon people will start researching and buying online too.

Just some statistics ...