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Thread: Thunderbird OR Postbox ???

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    Default Thunderbird OR Postbox ???

    OK, so I need an email client that will work on Windows 7 Professional 64bit and also on Windows XP Professional 32bit... for business purposes, I'm maintaining an XP machine which also doubles as my back up machine in case my new Win 7 machine ever goes down,

    If I had to jump over to my XP machine, I would need to take my numerous email identities along with their messages over to the XP machine.

    Currently, I'm using Windows Live Mail 2011, but on the XP machine I can only use Windows Live Mail 2009 since the 2011 version won't even load on XP since it's a 32bit OS.

    So, to keep me life simple... I'm looking at going with Thunderbird or with Postbox (I don't care if it costs a few bucks)...

    Do you think both of these programs will work the same on both operating systems even tho one is 64 bit and one is 32 bit?

    And, do you think I'd be able to take the email storage folder from on machine and transfer is to the other machine (after all email addr are set up identically the same on each machine) and keep right on rockin?

    Just trying to get some ideas about these two progs since I'd imagine some here use these for email.

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    Among the two, I'd recommend Thunderbird - because I have used it - and it works great on all Windows versions seamlessly.

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    I agree with Doug. I've used Thunderbird a bit in the past (great for a portable email program plus newsgroup access), and it's a great email client that has worked no matter what.

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    Postbox Conversation Views are more powerful, actionable, and easy to read. Postbox gathers conversation fragments from multiple folders and presents them................

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