Guys! Do you like tweeting, or just twitter followers? Yeh most of the times when I casually ask my friends if they are on twitter or not, they are always ready with their stupid answer! “No buddy! Because we have no followers”. How pathetic! I don't understand why these people are looking after this platform for such silly reasons? I mean, is twitter a platform to become a celebrity? Is twitter a platform to gain followers? Nobody will follow you on Twitter unless you are not a active tweep. Being active doesn't mean you must keep tweeting 24x7, consistently. Obviously not! But at least you can start sharing your views, comments, opinions on some of those interesting topics you like. Re-tweets for that matter. If you are a blogger (like me), you can share your articles, interact with your readers, etc. Anyways, let’s take a look on this interesting infographic called How To Grow Your Twitter Following by twiends:

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