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Thread: MediaMonkey woes

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    Default MediaMonkey (Lost cover art)

    I am using MM (free version, in the beginning and had my mp3's configured so that the relevant album art would display not only in MM itself (while the track was playing) but also on the mp3 file itself (so I wouldn't be looking at a dull generic music symbol).
    I did some downloading earlier on today and have noticed that the artwork has disappeared from the files only, and has been replaced by a generic music symbol; but interestingly when playing any of these tracks in MediaMonkey's environment, the artwork is still displayed as normal.
    I uninstalled MM hoping that if I reinstall MM everything would return as it should be. When MM was uninstalled, the generic music symbol's disappeared (where I thought I was on the road to success), after reinstalling MM the generic music symbol's returned.
    Even a system restore didn't fix anything.

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