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Thread: The Best Web Browser for Windows

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    Default The Best Web Browser for Windows

    The Best Web Browser for Windows

    1. Google Chrome

    It is not surprising when Google Chrome ranks first. This utility proves its top position through the high browsing speed, security and stability.
    Google Chrome is compatible with all computer types from desktop computers to laptops and various operating systems. Up to now, this browser has supported most languages in the world.

    2. Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox is not a strange name for many people. This utility browses Websites at high speed, ensures security for users when they surf the Web and provides a huge number of utilities.

    One of the most outstanding features of Firefox is Private Mode which helps users hide their identity when they are accessing Internet without leaving any vestige.

    3. Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer ( or IE) is the earliest Web browser in the world. Despite the introduction of various Web browsers, especially Chrome and Firefox, IE never loses its appeal.

    This utility supports watching Videos without using Flash, storing Websites on the taskbar, protecting information when browsing Web, etc.

    4. Opera

    Opera is a fast Web browser and has the eye-catching interface. This utility integrates with the modern and advanced technology to increase the Web browsing speed and bring wonderful graphic experiences. Opera is also highly appreciated with the search function, bookmark management and the ability to block spyware when browsing Websites.

    5. Safari

    Safari enables users to browse Websites at lightening speed with a strange - looking design. This browser helps users manage and arrange Tabs easily. The utility will display a list of top Websites in the thumbnail mode so that you can view multiple Websites flexibly.

    6. Maxthon

    Maxthon is built based on IE. It is integrated with multiple plug-ins so that users can surf the Web safely in the Proxy environment. This utility has modern filters to block pop-up ads, protect your online account when you sign in different Websites.

    7. RockMelt

    RockMelt appeared on the market not long ago. It is used to connect Websites with social networks (especially Facebook). This utility`s interface is rather similar to Google Chrome except 3 small boards on the left (list of friends on the social network), on the right (list of social networks) and on the top (updated information and search results).

    8. SeaMonkey

    SeaMonkey is the all-in-one application including dedicated Email, news group, HTML editor and ICR chat. This Web browser is built based on open source codes. It allows users to browse Websites on different Tabs and open multiple pages at the same time instead of opening each page as before.

    9. Deepnet Explorer

    Deepnet Explorer is one of a few software which can alert threats through links. Hence, phishing Websites can steal information about online accounts of users. The weakness of this browser is that it runs only on Windows operating system.

    10. Avant Brower

    Avant Brower is famous as a user-friendly browser. Compared to other software, this utility stands out through the ability to play Videos without installing Flash, multiple modules, high security and preventing Virus, Malware and Adware. Like Deepnet Explorer, this utility is compatible only with Windows operating system.
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    This is a never ending debate, and I guess we all have our personal favorites.

    Today I would rank, IE11, FF and then Chrome.

    Check this: List of Alternative Browsers for Windows 7 | 8

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