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Thread: Help with facebook

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    Default Help with facebook

    Hi fellow Window Clubbers

    I have a friend who has made the worst mistake of her life by letting a friend have access to her computer (Win 8.1) and she has set up a facebook account without asking if she could.
    Ever since the initial friend discovered that she was conned into it, she has been wanting to remove facebook ASAP; but as the sneaky friend won't reveal her password and other details (in order to access then remove facebook); is it at all possible to uninstall facebook without the password?

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    I need more information...

    Is the FaceBook account registered under the victim's credentials or the false friend's?

    If the registration was done under the victim's credentials that person can go to FaceBook and change the password so that the false friend cannot access. Then the victim can log onto FaceBook and select to end the account.

    It must be remembered that FaceBook is a web site, not something that you install. Granted, there is the fact that FaceBook offers things that can be installed, but the basic site is just a site.

    The probable best thing to do would be to directly contact FaceBook and explain the situation then ask that the account be totally removed immediately. I am sure that there would be 'hoops' to jump through but this may be the best direction to pursue.

    There is also the option to involve the police. In some areas I believe the fraudulent access and/or changes to a system falls under the same rules as extortion and/or fraud. This may or may not be a plausible solution; the victim would have to directly contact the local law enforcement and file charges.
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    You can contact via facebook www . facebook .com/help to ask for help!

    Good Luck!

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    Contacting Facebook would be the great option for you.
    I am sure you will get the perfect solution about this issue.

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