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Thread: Hotkey for shift-right-click "copy path and filename"

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    Default Hotkey for shift-right-click "copy path and filename"


    I use a lot, and I mean A LOT, the function shift-right-click "copy as path" (translated from Dutch) to insert, email, open, etc a file without having to browse to it.
    The reason for this is simple:

    You search a file, you find it.
    In your app you want to open it immediately, in in a mail you want to insert it without browsing to it.
    hold shift, click-right and "copy as path".

    In the app you simply use ctrl-v and there you are, no browsing, no time spending "looking for"

    I use this maybe 50 times a day, takes me about 4 seconds. If there is a hotkey for this, it wil take one second, and less mouse activity

    Anybody know the shortcut for SHIFT-RIGHTCLICK-copy as path?

    I know the shift-rightclik-key+i works but that is two strokes not a hotkey.


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    i WAS going to reccomend scripting your own hotkey using "AutoHotkey," It is a macro editor that with some basic commands and a text editor (like SciTE4AutoHotkey) you can assign your own hotkeys.

    HOWEVER, i found this little utility (It is totally safe, works well and also runs on Win 10) called "Path Copy Copy." You can get it from the forum Code Plex.

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    Sorry I know it's been a while but I think it would be a very cool feature. You can get to an image from the Windows wallpaper (background) settings - not from Windows Explorer (in which you can copy the path).
    It should be nice to implement two shortcut keys:
    Ctrl + Alt + Ins - copy Path to the file (folder where the image is)
    Alt + Ins - copy Path and filename (complete path to the file and filename)
    just like in Free Commander
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