I have not really faced any Windows 10 problems. But today when I was working on my laptop, the screen flickered and just turned to green with just the cursor appearing.

No Windows or Store updates were in process. Do not think explorer.exe or dwm.exe had crashed. Maybe some driver had crashed... no idea.

And no, I do not use a green wallpaper or a theme - I use the default Windows 10 blue theme and wallpaper, so the green color sure intrigued me.

My daughter saw this and asked me if it was some new Green Screen of Coma in Windows 10.

And it was apt, as it was almost as though my Windows had gone into a coma! Ctrl+Alt+Del or Esc did not work - nothing could wake it up!

Only powering down and then starting the laptop bought things to normal.

Lost my work, but that's fine - got to hear a new term ... Green Screen of Coma.