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Thread: Can I emulate a program CD/DVD on the internal hard drive?

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    Default Can I emulate a program CD/DVD on the internal hard drive?

    I have grandkids who have absolutely no respect for the vulnerability of disks to fingerprints, dirt, and other garbage that would make a disk non-functional. They are also taking courses on their Win7 SP1 PC that require loading the disk every time they do a lesson. Rather than trying to teach them the proper care and handling of disks (an impossible task), I would like to be able to copy the disk once onto the hard drive in such a manner that they could do a lesson by running it from the hard drive without any disk handling by their dirty little fingers. Can somebody give me a method to accomplish this?

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    Create a new folder.
    Copy everything from the disk to that folder.
    Then look for the file that starts the course.
    It probably has a name related to the name of the course.
    Fx. if the course is Physics then it might be named Physics.exe, Physics-Menu.exe, Physics_start.exe or something similar.
    Click on that file
    When you have found the right file and managed to start the course, create a shortcut to it on the desktop.

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