Microsoft started Coletivo do Esporte crowdfunding initiative for what it says in its own words "make sure the spirit of the 2016 Summer Games endures for years to come." After all, support is what takes one to become a professional athlete with equal ambition and determination, the company believes. In a recent blog post, Microsoft shared its thoughts and initiatives planned especially considering the Olympic Games Rio 2016, which is merely a couple of days away from the opening ceremony. The idea is all about lending helping hands to professional athletes as well as their community initiatives.

The blog post reads:

“Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Through Coletivo do Esporte, a minimum two-year initiative that has the support of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, we will continue inspiring, instilling pride, encouraging hope, and living our mission.”
In order to spread the word about this initiative, Microsoft came up with its online comic book, allowing people to create and share their superhero avatars.