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Thread: This TED Talk sheds light on how computers become intelligent and creative

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    Lightbulb This TED Talk sheds light on how computers become intelligent and creative

    Neural Networks (NN) for Machine learning is on the rise. In fact, it’s essentially the driving force behind the modern-day computing in our day-to-day lives. As the term suggests, it actually makes computers do some of the things that brains do. We have many examples already. Have you ever wondered how on earth the applications and services you are using on the Internet know so much about you?

    Those friend suggestions on Facebook, product suggestions on Amazon, advertisements of your interest, and almost everything “that you may be interested in” is not merely a series of coincidences. It’s the "intelligent machinery," as Alan Turing called it.

    I just came across a very interesting TED Talk by Blaise AgŁera y Arcas, who leads a team at Google that works on machine intelligence. He explained how computers get intelligent by doing error minimization with the help of mathematical formulae and algorithms, similar to how human brains perceive information.

    “I think that perception and creativity are by no means uniquely human. We start to have computer models that can do exactly these sorts of things. And that ought to be unsurprising; the brain is computational.”

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