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Thread: Where's *all the love?;-) jk!!! a.k.a.*Where are the answers?

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    Cool Where's *all the love?;-) jk!!! a.k.a.*Where are the answers?

    Due to my eternal quest to gain "any" insight that may help my (feeble?) mind comprehend all of the yet undecipherable technological mumbo-jumbo, here I am. I'd thought, or rather I had "hoped" that this "Windows Club" forum might provide a plethora of users who would readily be willing and more importantly, knowledgeable enough, to offer their assistance(or possibly even a "computer God" or two?!). However, at first glance it seems that most threads receive 1 - 5 comments with the majority only receiving just 1. I'm hoping that I just need to spend more time going through the different forums and will find that this site/forum is the best (or one of?) place to come for answers. So, as the sun is calling me outside I'll return later when I've more time and save my own "windows dilemma" for that time. Be kind and "keep on keeping on"!!!

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    Yes - the forum is quiet Go through the main blog to whet your appetite for information.

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