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Thread: Can I transfer the contacts from one Facebook account tp another?

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    Default Can I transfer the contacts from one Facebook account tp another?

    Hi all

    (not sure if I'm in the right area here); I am extremely new to facebook and currently have two accounts and am about to delete one, but before I do I am hoping it is possible to transfer the contacts into the account I want to keep - is this possible?

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    Nope, as far as i know, people aren't authorized to have 2 accounts, so a transfer wasn't made possible. Unless someone is stalking you , Facebook won't help you.
    So your only choice is to add your old account as friend of your new one and let Facebook propose you to make friends with your old friends.

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    Hi Robco,

    You're actually breaking Facebook's Terms of Use by having two accounts, so what you want to do is a good idea if only for that reason alone.

    In answer to your question - Yes, it's possible - kind of

    I actually found a couple of solutions on how to do this for you on Quora.

    Option 1 - Answer Credit to: Rv Shah - Social Media Executive at Communication Crafts

    First of all please understand that facebook wants people to create only 1 account per person so You can't merge 2 facebook profiles but if you are very keen to get your both the accounts together below trick may work for you.

    1. Change the name of account and make sure that your both the accounts have same names.
    2. Now turn both the profile in to page.
    3. Now merge both the page
    4. Your all the friends in both the accounts will join merged page.

    That's it. Facebook doesn't allow to turn it back to the profile as of now so enjoy the benefits of the page and thanks me later.
    Option 2 - Answer Credit to: Avik Paul

    Yes this is possible

    Ensure the following before you do:-

    1. You should be the owner of both the accounts i.e having admin rights.
    2. Make both the pages similar i.e name, description, type etc
    3. Update address of both the accounts to same.
    4. open

    choose both the pages from the Browse tab.

    You will end up with both your pages merged to one page.

    You are done. Cheers

    I hope that's helpful.

    Regards, Andrew

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    You need to manually add friends to your new account. Unfortunately, it is not possible export your Facebook friends to a third party account and then re-import them to a new Facebook account. However, you can import contacts from third party accounts such as Skype or Gmail.

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