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Thread: Customize Windows desktop with Rainmeter

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    Thumbs up Customize Windows desktop with Rainmeter

    Between all the desktop customization packs and software the one that is really different is Rainmeter. But before you start thinking that its just an another customization pack just have a look at these desktop wallpaper customized by rainmeter.

    Rainmeter is a Windows customization application. Empower your desktop with an expandable library of useful tools - handy notes and application launchers, weather and feeds from the web, system status and more. Then, rearrange and modify them to suit your personal style. With Rainmeter, your desktop is finally yours. -Rainmeter
    Rainmeter gives you full support to customize your desktop as you want. It provides you a lot of desktop widgets, which you can access by dragging and droping on your desktop as per you likes.

    And no, Rainmeter does not measure how much it rained last night, though it probably could ;-)

    With some simple code editing and yes manually you create a good looking desktop in few simple clicks. The best thing of Rainmeter is it supports plugins which means that the feature set can be extented with 3rd party plugins. Oh wait a min have I told you features of rainmeter. Here are the features
    • New Version 2.6 of Enigma
    • New RainBrowser config/skin manager.
    • Style sections! New MeterStyle makes skins easier to create/edit.
    • Dynamic Variables! It's now possible to use the results of measures as variables.
    • Share variables and settings globally with @Include.
    • New LocalFonts feature means the user doesn't have to install your included font.
    • Added support for the middle mouse button.
    • New bang !RainmeterSetVariable can be used to change the value of a variable.
    • New [Metadata] section to add and display skin information in RainBrowser.
    • Aspect ratio of images is preserved when the images are scaled.
    there are lot more its a partial list ofits features...

    You can however create your own skin with Rainmeter but if you are lazy like me than provides a lot of skin support for rainmeter, just go here choose what you want and install.

    For Developers: You would be glad to know that Rainmeter is an open-source project built by independent contributors. The materials are freely available from the project's home on Google Code. The program, skins and plugins are being constantly expanded and improved in the time between major releases, and we invite you to help.Get The Code
    Rainmeter Homepage.
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    Looks good, Thanks

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    Have been using it for last two three months or so. Probably the best application to customize Windows 7 desktop.

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    Rainmeter v 2.0 has been released
    Rainmeter is 2.0! |

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    Yes, you are right @tweakwindows rainmerter having variety of desktop skin to customize your desktop skin. you can choose best rainmeter skin for your dekstop

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    There is no need to mention RainMeter. I have been using it since past few years and it is a fantastic Desktop Customization app.
    There is no other app better than this.
    Kudos to the developers!

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