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Thread: Can't Pin shortcut

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    Question Can't Pin shortcut

    Windows 7 Pro 64bit

    I have a shortcut that starts a batch file. The right click menu does not show the Pin option. If I create a shortcut that starts the program the batch file starts the Pin option is available.

    Why can't you Pin a shortcut that points to a batch file. I also found you can't Pin a shortcut that points to an Excel file or to a folder.

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    I assume you are talking about pinning it to the taskbar. Am I right? I found that this is not possible in all cases. But you can probably start it from the shortcut on the desktop, or if you want, put this shortcut into a folder (which you can park anywhere) and make a toolbar from that folder. Then you have it under your hand in the taskbar. I have done that for a lot of programs, folders, URL's etc. Here is a picture from a discussion I had in another thread. Disregard the Start menu picture on the left side. This OP had a different problem.

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