Via beingpc

Microsoft may not reveal the theme for the upcoming Operating System Windows 8 but artist has started to create some good conceptual themes for Windows 8. One of such an eye-catching theme is “Talisman” by somrat

Everything is made from a scratch (except for some icons,
which I’ve downloaded from and converted it to icons) – somrat
You can’t expect the real windows 8 experience out of it!
The artist wanted to design a theme which will show how the windows 8 desktop interface may be, with the help of talisman.

In the theme you will find :

  • A new split taskbar and start button
  • A new start menu
  • The open windows are not shown in the taskbar but in a slide-window (which is located in the left side of the screen).
  • A all new glass Analog clock and calendar
  • A new windows 8 wallpaper (to match up the taste)
  • Drives and recent programs are shown in the taskbar.
  • Theme is auto scalable to any resolution.

Installing The Theme:

  • Open talisman program after installation
  • Right-click on the main window of talisman and select “windows 8 – By somrat” from the theme menu