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Thread: Download Bing "Around the world" screensaver

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    Default Download Bing "Around the world" screensaver

    Some amazing Bing wallpapers have been packed into an executable to form a nice screensaver. The new "Around the world" screen saver has been released by Microsoft which you can install on Windows XP and higher machines.


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    You can also run this world tour as screensaver. Download it from here ( World Tour on Vimeo ) and convert it to .wmv which it originally was. But Vimeo converted it to .mp4. Use e.g. Format Factory for the conversion.
    In case you forgot how to make a screensaver from a video in Vista or Windows 7 here is a little tutorial ( Vista and Windows 7 Tutorials by whs: 1/6 Run a video as screensaver ).

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    Wow amazing screensaver, but its too hard to let my PC idle...

    Thanks Jal !!!

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