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Thread: Customising Windows 7 Library Shortcuts

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    Default Customising Windows 7 Library Shortcuts

    Hey guys,

    Been messing around customising my desktop.

    Currently looks like this:

    Trouble is, the libraries shortcut is annoying me. Is there anyway to change it?

    The way I did the others was to make a shortcut on the desktop, change the icon of that, and then pin that shortcut to the taskbar.

    I've tried doing the same thing with the libraries one, but it just reverts to the original picture.

    Any ideas with the MSN icon as well? I'm thinking that it will probably involve editing the exe somehow, which might cause problems further down the line.

    Cheers for any help

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    Welcome to TWCF I found this link: How to Customize the Library Icons in Windows 7 - The Winhelponline Blog for changing the libraries icon. Its a long process so you might want to create a system restore point before starting.

    I hope this helps, JR

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    Cheers for the link.

    Followed through a couple of pages on it and finally found the answer. The best way is to make a shortcut to windows explorer on your desktop, and then edit the icon on that as it will actually stay pinned with the proper icon.

    MSN was just a case of editing the icon the same way, the various status indicators appear to be overlays.

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    Hi James, yes that's the easiest way - change the icon on the desktop and then pin it to the taskbar.

    Incidentally this related link may also interest you: How to change Library icons easily in Windows 7 | The Windows Club

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