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Thread: Get the CLASSIC Start Menu in Windows 7

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    Default Get the CLASSIC Start Menu in Windows 7

    I hate the Windows 7 Start Menu, which does not have a Classic mode.
    I have finally bit the bullet, and 'installed' -
    Classic Windows Start Menu WHICH IS FREE

    I am not allowed to post web links
    So do a Google for this instead -
    I provide two files (strings.xml.english and strings.xml.spanish)
    I tried that without quotes, and it was the first hit

    It does not 'Install' like you would expect.
    It just quietly replaced the Start Menu, with it's own.
    Don't panic, as one of the menu items is a Toggle to the original (pretty cool).
    It is very configurable, and 'IT IS A KEEPER'

    Now I can smile again (as it was driving me nuts)

    Added: Download Classic Windows Start Menu Free - Recover for Windows 7 the classic start menu of Windows XP with this tool - Softpedia
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    why not download cs menu

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