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Thread: Customize Windows 7 Boot Screen with Windows 7 Boot Updater

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    Lightbulb Customize Windows 7 Boot Screen with Windows 7 Boot Updater

    Windows 7 Boot Updater is a freeware program that makes it easy to update the Windows 7 boot animation and text.

    • Modifies the boot animation
    • Modifies the boot text "Starting Windows" and " Microsoft Corporation"
    • Will compile the animation from 105 BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIFF images
    • Does not require any other applications (like ImageX)
    • Designed to be idiot-proof by having numerous checks
    • Automatically backs up the modified winload.exe and bootres.dll
    • Can be run as a GUI or command-line program
    • Works for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7
    • Numerous other little things (e.g. forcing timestamps) to match the original

    Modifying the boot screen is pretty adventurous and only meant for the strong-at-heart geeks; and you could get stuck forever in Windows Recovery Environment if something goes wrong. In such an eventuality, you would have to manually restore winload.exe.

    Windows 7 Boot Updater is currently an Alpha release and being tested! It is not finished and does not completely work. Use it at your own risk, so it says on the website.

    More information is available at its Home Page.

    Do also note what it says on Engineering Windows 7 blog:

    We know many of you might be asking if you could include your own animation or customize this boot sequence. This is not something we will support in Windows 7. The reasons for this should be pretty clear, which is that we cannot guarantee the security of the system to allow for arbitrary elements to be loaded into memory at boot time.

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    Jeff is absolute God, He is doing something that we thought we were unable to do. Way to go Jeff.
    Jeff Bush is the programmer that is writing this.


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