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Thread: Move Explorer Details Panel To Top with Installer

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    Default Move Explorer Details Panel To Top with Installer

    To move the details panel to the top of the Explorer window requires modifying 7 entries in 1 or 2 Shell32.dll files.
    This little package contains the modified files along with a batch file that will automate the replacement of the original files.
    Place the folder called DETAILS PANE TO TOP in your C:\ folder. Open the DETAILS PANE TO TOP folder and read the READ ME!!
    Close all other programs and windows and then double click either the SHELL32 Detail SWAP x86.bat or the SHELL32 Detail SWAP x64.bat file according to your system.

    This script begins by creating a Restore Point. You then have the option of continuing or stopping.
    It will take ownership of the listed System files, rename them by adding 0ld to the end of their file name and they will then be replaced with their modified versions. Finally your computer will be RE-BOOTED.


    These files have been tried and tested on my own system but you do of course use these files at your own risk.

    The package is available to download at deviantART.

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    awesome :-)

    nice program :-)

    but i'd like to keep up the details pane at bottom, it looks genuine

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