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Thread: How to add My Computer link to Send To sub menu?

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    Question How to add My Computer link to Send To sub menu?

    How to add 'My Computer' link to Send-To sub menu? Is it possible?

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    Not possible that I have ever heard. To be honest even if you could it would probably give you more errors than you could imagine as Windows doesnt allow adding to My Computer!

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    Normally to add an item, you place it in E:\Users\ACK\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Sen dTo folder. However, you cannot add Computer item to Send To. You may be able to place its shortcut in the Send To folder, but it will not appear in the context menu.

    But see if this interests you:
    Display any file, folder, program in Computer folder of Windows 7 & Vista | The Windows Club

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    What are you trying to accomplish. Maybe there is some other way to get it done. The easiest way to get to the sendto folder is if you type shell:sendto into start/search and hit Enter.

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