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Thread: How To Uninstall A Windows Transformation Pack Skin

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    Default How To Uninstall A Windows Transformation Pack Skin

    "BY ADMIN OCTOBER 7, 2011
    I have covered a number of Windows transformation packs to give Windows 7 and older Windows versions a unique look. These transformation packs include the following:

    Ubuntu 11.10 Skin Pack
    Ubuntu 11.04 Skin Pack
    Mac OS X Lion Skin Pack
    Mac OS X Snow Leopard Skin Pack
    Windows 8 Skin Pack
    Android Skin Pack
    iOS Skin Pack
    While such transformation packs can be easily installed, it can be quite confusing to remove them. For this reason I often recommend users to create a system backup before their installation. In this post I will tell you how to uninstall a Windows transformation pack without restoring your old data from a system image."

    How To Uninstall A Windows Transformation Pack Skin | WML Cloud

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    ... and finally always run System File Checker so that original files will be replaced.

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