This topic is half a request for help and half a suggestion for someone to develop a simple solution.

The situation:
In Windows Vista Home Basic x32, I change the programs background color. I go to Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Change the color scheme -> Advanced... -> Item: Window -> Color1.

The changed color is shown in programs like Notepad, Wordpad, Paint and many more. In XP, the background color is also changed in Windows Explorer, but not in Vista with the default Windows Vista Theme. So I changed the theme to "Windows Classic" and Windows Explorer indeed shows the desired new background color .

I want to keep Vista Theme, not the Windows Classic one, but I also want to keep my desired background color in Windows Explorer, as the other programs do.

To be clear, I don't want to customize each folder differently, nor each type of folder. I just want to replace the white background with my preferred (and in my case also needed) color, just as it is applied when using the Classic Theme.

It seems like there should be some (registry?) configuration that is correctly working when using the Classic Theme but it is not there (or not being respected) using the Vista Theme.

Is there any manual method, or a tool, to accomplish this simple change in Vista?

PS: Some time ago (I don't remember exactly when) I tried W7FBC, but for some reason it didn't work in my Vista Home Basic x32. If this tool should had worked correctly, then maybe I need some extra tip or instruction. Remember I don't want a specific picture nor different customizations; just one simple color background change for all Windows Explorer windows in my Vista.