I hope someone will know the answers.
I have Win7 64 bit
I always use the right click to compress files using Winzip. However Winzip options was not there this weekend.
Then a few others was also not available.
I re-install Winzip and still nothing even if in the program I select the context menu.
I download Ultimate Windows Customize and Winzip was activate
I started reading you site and found that CCleaner have also the option of the context menu
But I can see Winzip activate for File, Folder, I can see another program "Unlocker" too.
I did a restore from last week but still nothing. I guess this was a problem before.

Why I can't see them in the context menu?
I am running as admin.
I also have since the begining "Classic Start Menu" I was thinking he was the trouble maker, however I uninstall and still get the same issue.
I dont want to re-install Win 7 or try a repair because this can be a 2 weeks of works. I have a lot of games and programs.