I would like to know how to add the select cascading menu with select all, invert select, and select none features from Windows 8 into the Windows 7 shell for right clicking on the desktop, in a folder, directory and libraries.

In other words, modify the reg files in this tutorial

Select - Add or Remove from Context Menu in Windows 8

To make them like the reg files in this tutorial, modified for win 7 as the win 8 tweak doesn't work in the previous version.

Select all - Add to Context Menu in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Help Forums

I am not a coder or anything but I would like to know what the analogous shell command lines for invert select and select none would be, as windows.select would be used for select all. I don't think they are in Win7 registry but how would you add them?

Are the icons used for select all, invert select, and select none in the windows 7 at all?

Also, would it be possible to create a fourth option, wildcard select, where a small command line pops up that you could select by file type? That would be very useful.

I posted on Win7 forums and the guy who wrote the reg scripts is not sure how to find the invert and no selection commands in Win7 but is looking so I thought I would post on here for help too.

Thank you!