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Thread: Windows 10 & Lock Screen Customisation

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    Default Windows 10 & Lock Screen Customisation


    This is my first forum post to The Windows Club. I searched the 'Windows Customization' forum with 'Lock Screen' and found no matches.

    I have a brand new out of the box HP Pavilion Desktop Windows 10 64-bit PC. I am learning the ropes regarding Windows 10 and, mostly, all is going smoothly.

    However, I am hitting an issue when customising the Windows Lock Screen where Cortana, Help and online help-searches are not proving useful.

    My issue: I cannot get the Lock Screen to display as I expect it to. (Might be my expectation is wrong?)

    I know to go to Start - Settings - Personalisation - Lock Screen.

    In this screen I have chosen:

    . 'Windows Spotlight' as my Lock Screen image.
    . 'Mail' for 'Choose an app to show detailed status'
    . 'Weather' 'Calendar' 'Store' and 'Messaging' for 'Choose apps to show quick status'

    'Show Windows background picture on the sign-in screen' is 'Off' (I don't believe this is relevant to my issue).

    When Lock Screen kicks in I see the current image together with current time and date. Nothing more.

    My expectation: When the Lock Screen kicks in it should show current image, time & date, some details of Mail inbox, local weather (Location is turned on), some info from the Store and some info from Messaging.

    I am still experimenting to try to solve this issue. Meantime ...

    1. Is my expectation correct? Am I missing something?

    2. Do I need to already have the Email, Weather, Store and Messaging apps open?

    3. Is there a link between Lock Screen and Screen Timeout Settings?

    4. How long should it take for Lock Screen to kick in? Is this fixed or available to customise?

    Thank you for reading my post and for any assistance you can give.

    Kind regards


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    I tried to reproduce what you said. It did not work. I noticed that email app is selected in my settings but the Lock screen shows only Date and Time. Nothing else. Guess it is a Windows 10 bug that needs to be fixed. Let's see if others have any solution.

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