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Thread: Classic Shell Custom Start Button - can UWT fix this?

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    Default Classic Shell Custom Start Button - can UWT fix this?

    Hi there, I recently installed both UWT and Classic shell as I wanted to change my Windows 10 start button. However, it is chopping off the top an bottom halves of the button with like invisible margins? I have attached a link to the pic to show this. I am wondering if this is a problem within Classic Shell, or if this is something that needs to be adjusted within UWT? I see under the customization task bar area it shows the area you can adjust the margins for task bar icons? I have already tried a number of times and any value I put in doesn't change anything The Aero and Classic button show up and fit in the space perfectly. Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I'd like a colorful button instead of just the white default one! Thank you for your help

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    No, UWT wont be able to fix it.

    The link shows an error - which OS are you using?

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    Can you run the UWT in compatibility mode?
    That would give you proper results.
    How did you make that problem appear in the first place?

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    My friend also in "Naperville Limo" have the same problem. I will tell him to check out this post.

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