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Thread: Help with blue screen & read disk error

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    Default Help with blue screen & read disk error

    when we went to bed the laptop was on. when we got up this morning it was off due to power saver settings. now everytime we try to start it it says read disk error. when i hit f11 it loads the files then goes to a blank blue screen. i swaped the hard drive and the new one worked. can i get some files off the old one from my other laptop. i have many family photos. i have a hp dv6904 us.

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    Try booting in safe mode. First back up your files if you can.

    From regular or safe mode try to Run Chksk.

    Also see if something in this conversation helps you.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Do excatly as AndyK says. My only bit of advice for you is when you get restarted is to upload your photos to either pisca from google or Skydrive from Microsoft that way you know what ever happens to any media you use they are safe and you can always get them back. As an extra precaution for my photos I not only have done the above but have put them on a memory stick which is just for them and stored safely away

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    seems like your old hard disk had bad sectors so may be its not able 2 read the data so back up all ur data from safe mode and copy to a external disk ...

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