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Thread: WOW, What a difference a new wireless router makes!

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    Default WOW, What a difference a new wireless router makes!

    My 4 year old wireless router has been acting up and loosing connections frequently so I went to Best Buy tonight.

    I like Best Buy because they do help you pick out what you need. I am not a novice on routers so I explained that I was not really un happy with my current speed but I wanted to increase range with the new router if possible.

    They hooked me up with a Belkin N Wireless Router "High Performance Networking" model.

    I am VERY pleased with the increase in signal throughout the house but I am blown away with the increase in browsing speed, and I was told if I upgraded to a N Wireless Card it would be even faster.

    Best of all it was 60 USD at Best Buy (not a sale price).

    Click on the "N":
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