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Thread: Pros and Cons: 64-bit vs 32-bit Windows 7

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    Post Pros and Cons: 64-bit vs 32-bit Windows 7

    Why 64-Bit Windows Rocks:

    In a 32-bit operating system, memory addresses are 32 bits in length, limiting the total number of unique addresses available to around 4 billion—effectively capping the total amount of memory your system can use at one time to 4GB.

    Why 64-bit Windows Doesn’t Rock So Much:

    -You need at least 4GB of memory
    -32-bit drivers don’t work anymore
    -Some software breaks in 64-bit Windows
    -Not all software benefits from 64-bit

    Full read : TheWindowsClub.

    Add reads:
    32-bit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    64-bit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    nice share

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    64 bit is the future as is windows 7. I repeat I have never had any problem with getting hard ware, nor running just 2gig of memory, nor any applications while using it. So where these so called problems I just do not know.

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    I've mentioned it in another topic that I work with graphics intensive applications, so the more free RAM I have the better. And when working with 32bits I have about 1GB less memory overhead compared to 64bits. So it is more efficient for me to go with 32bits on 4GB machine.

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