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Thread: Wide screen monitor on 815 mobo

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    Default Wide screen monitor on 815 mobo

    A little over than one year back, I upgraded my PC. The old one was a P-III 800 on 815 motherboard, which I gave to my father (still working fine). Recently after the old CRT monitor was replaced, we got a widescreen LCD monitor for that P-III machine. My problem is, I cannot configure the display properties to suit the widescreen format. Only 4:3 modes are available in the display properties. I suspect this is a limitation of the display driver for Intel 815 motherboard.

    Any body can tell me, if it is possible to have proper widescreen display resolutions using 815 mother board? Any pointers to suitable driver download locations?

    My OS is Windows XP.

    Thanks in advance........

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    I suggest you to install a graphics card supported by 815 series the market if you found any used graphics card in working condition of that old graphics will not be available for sure... that's why go for any used one....

    you may try any 32 MB or 64 MB graphics card developed for 815 series motherboards.....

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    815 are a way too old and higher resolutions wont work either u need a agp card if ur 815 has a agp slot i doubt it would have and it wont make sense to get agp now days.. go for a upgrade if possible

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