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Thread: Duplicate printer (driver) windows 7

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    Question Duplicate printer (driver) windows 7

    Hi! My name is Bob and this is my first post (and visit) to TWC.
    I want to copy (duplicate with a new file name) my HP printer in W7.
    (Those who may be able to help know that MS calls the complete driver/software installation a "printer", cf a 'printing device')

    This was trivial to accomplish in XP (I skipped Vista but apparently same problem exists there too).

    HP said 'can't' but I think I was stuck with level 1 tech.

    Thanks in advance

    - Bob (bgold)

    1. Why do I want to do this? I have duplex printing option, my old upgraded laptop takes too long to go to printing options, plus I just like to keep one setting for a printing session then re-select the default or know it will default next bootup.

    1b. and of course i don't want to dig out the driver/sw disk, or reinstall from the website...

    2. (misc.) why was the TWC/pollup survey poorly worded?
    Beccause (IMHO) 'like it but has problems as a higher choice than
    'yes but not what I expected' and a lower choice than 'Love it!")

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    I thought it wasn’t possible to have my printer listed multiple times in “printers”, which was very frustrating. I want my standard print to be duplex, draft. But, I want a one-click choice to print one-sided, standard quality. I’d tried to do this many times, and failed. Today I succeeded.
    So, here’s what worked:

    ================================================== =======

    Click on “Devices and printers” in the Start menu

    Click on “Add a printer”*

    Select my “main” printer (shows with an IP address), and click “Next”.*

    Then I get a window “Which version of the driver do you want to use”, and I leave “Use the driver that is currently installed (recommended)” checked, and click “Next”

    Then I get a window to name it. I give it a new name (this time, “Photo 4x6” since my printer has a mini-drawer that holds photo stock, so I’ll be able to print a picture quickly), location and comment, then click “Next”

    Success! I get a window that says “You’ve successfully added Photo 4x6”.

    I click “print a test page” – it works (although not with the settings I’ll eventually give it).

    I unclick “set as default printer” and click Finish.

    Going back to the “Devices and printers” page, it now shows up as an additional printer. Cool!!!
    ================================================== =======

    This was so easy, I wonder if in one of their many updates, MS had pity on us power users, and re-added this functionality to Windows 7.

    Now I’ve done this twice, so when I click “Print” in a program, I have 3 choices for printing to the same printer – one for duplex/draft, one for standard, and one for photos. Yea Team!

    The ‘main’ installation of my printer, which shows up when I click “printers and devices” doesn’t show up when I click “print” in a program.

    Note: I have an HP Photosmart C309a printer, in Windows 7 64-bit (Professional), connected wirelessly through my router (which is handy, so I can print to it using my desktop computer, or my laptop which connects to the router with wi-fi). Don’t know whether any of that makes a difference.

    * Note – at this point, I’m trying to duplicate what I did, so now on this list the same printer is already showing up three times. Once shows with the IP address. Once shows up as the “new” printer I installed.

    June 13, 2011

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