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Thread: USB not being recognized as 2.0 in Windows 7

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    Default USB not being recognized as 2.0 in Windows 7

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5965 I bought in September of 2009. It came with Windows Vista with the option for free upgrade to Windows 7 Premium.

    My problem I am having is I just plugged in a new Flash Drive a had bought to put a movie on to watch on TV, and I got the error message saying Transfer would be faster if I plugged my HighSpeed device into a USB 2.0 Compliant port................. I have also noticed lately that transfers seems somewhat laggy as before it didn't take long at all. Usually things seems to hang at 5 seconds left and I usually cancel the transfer but file will remain. Drivers are updated, troubleshooter sees no problems, I've uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled....... but still not the same as used to be. The ports are recognized as 2.0 and there have been no hardware changes I can think of I have done. I also check every update being installed as well

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a drop in performance with their USB ports as well

    (I have sat and come to the conclusion that it may be this new FlashDrive being as I didn't have trouble with my last one, but I never paid attention till now)

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    did u check flash drive for problems do a scan and format then copy a file see the performance then ...

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