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Thread: How to DELETE Incompatible Driver in Vista

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    Default How to DELETE Incompatible Driver in Vista

    I have an HP Pavillion Laptop running Vista. I loaded a program called Roxio, and it contained a driver for my DVD RW drive that was incompatible with Vista.

    I uninstalled Roxio. Driver remained.

    I uninstalled the device in device mgr. Driver remained on reboot.

    I deleted Roxio and Sonic components in registry. Driver remained.

    I have found articles detailing using cmd to delete this driver from Windows so it will not keep coming back, but I always get an error msg. Thats another issue all together.. Although I am signed in as Admin, I have limited permissions for some reason. My computer wouldn't even let me download the patch from Roxio!

    Any help is appreciated. Please keep in mind I am a complete amateur and step by step is most helpful.



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    I think if you either search on Softpedia or Google there is a Roxio uninstaller program you can download that gets rid of everything.If you are comfortable in the registry you can do a search for Roxio and delete everything or use a program like Revo unistaller to try rid of said product...


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    is the problem solved ?

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    hi Jennifer,
    Roxio Uninstaller are quite old... I don't think so it'll help...

    Download Autoruns!!! ( Part of SysInternals)
    Run Autoruns as Administrator and move to Drivers tab.
    Sort all available drivers by Publisher....

    Find appropriate driver and UNCHECK it. Restart your Windows to take effect.
    If your problem get resolved....the you can run it again...and delete that one.

    NOTE: it is recommended to disable (uncheck) driver first and then delete.

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