Had a problem with this computer from Best Buy a few days ago with mouse freeze and thought the problem solved with Intellipoint drivers, but it resurfaced, or was never really 'fixed'.. Since a few of these boxes from Best Buy with this Asus mobo (cm5571) have had problems from what I have read elsewhere, I am posting again with a few problems taken care of with a BIOS flash update.
The new BIOS is 0404 and the onboard Asus flash utility will not find it online so do a search to find it, download it to your desktop and then use the flash software; it worked just fine and cleared-up several other glitches. This PC is a relative 'deal' at $500 because it has 6gbs of RAM and a 1Tb hard drive, despite the ad spec saying 750mb..
BIOS updates can be helpful, sometimes.