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Thread: Windows Vista, Won't boot after hibernate over night

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    Question Windows Vista, Won't boot after hibernate over night

    I have Dell Inspiron 1526. If I put the LT in Hibernate overnight, it won't boot. It tries but I have to do a hard pwoer down. Once I power backup, It goes to BIOS Clock not Set and I have to hit F2 to set BIOS Clock. For some reason the BIOS clock resets to the driver install date. Any ideas?:

    I'm using Windows Vista 32 bit.

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    I had the same issu on my pc, what i did is that i switched off the pc, disconnected from the wall then after 1h i powered on and after the third time I accessed again to the pc. Possible if you remove the battery the 1h later try to power on. Good Luck.

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