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Thread: Windows machine problem

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    Post Windows machine problem

    OK all try my best to describe this:
    1. when i put power cord and plug it in, my machine start by it self and wont connect to monitor ( it it connected, Video card is install properly) and when i press to the shut off nothing happen, took out ram and it wont beep like it should saying theres no ram

    2. when it was working windows was not able to install it would simply give me the blue screen of death in between 11% and 98% of completion
    Fact is i got this for free off some one that was moving away so would like this to work

    Spec ( as far as i know since i was never able to boot it (had vista but it was corrupted and had admin password so i whipe clean the hd))

    3g Ram
    150G Sata drive
    2.8 GHz dual core
    Raiden HD video card

    please help me make this work it a good computer and again i got it for free
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