Hi All,
Recently I purchased a LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter, Model NO: GH22NP20 see details ###.lg.com/za/it-product/optical-storage/LG-supermulti-dvd-rewriter-internal-GH22NP20.jsp Since I am having an old computer so I was looking for Interface Type PATA and I decided to buy the above mentioned product.
But I am unable to play some of my DVD movies which I have played earlier on my DVD player(and watched it on my TV). Infact when I insert the DVDs the Removable Drive icon changes on my PC and shows them as DVD-R and when I point the cursor to it the ToolTip shows Free Space: 0 bytes Total Size: 0 bytes. But the DVDs are not blank, as I told earlier that I have played them on my DVD player. However some DVD movies are playing well(and of course same icon DVD-R). I don't know why some of them are playing and others not.
What exactly I have to do to run all of DVDs on my PC ? And why the ToolTip is showing Free Space: 0 bytes Total Size: 0 bytes
I am having Windows XP Pro OS.
Please help me solve the problem.